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Michael Taylor - Morning Dewdrops - 51h cm x 61w cm

Michael Taylor

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"I established Moulton Galleries in 1989, specialising in Australian fine art, exquisite hand blown glass, and unique gifts. We work with Australian artists directly and have evolved with our artists for over 30 years". 

Marcia Moulton

Founder & Creative Director

Upcoming Artist Exhibition

Michael Taylor and Joshua Fennell
When: Saturday 7th September 2024
Time: 2 - 5pm
Where: 1/777 Military Road, Mosman, Sydney

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Michael Taylor - Proud Aussie
Michael Taylor - Morning Dewdrops - 51h cm x 61w cm
Dianne Ogg - Ruffles and Lace., Iris Germanica
Geoff Buckle - Sydney Harbour
Wendy Wooden - ' FLORES'  (81x81cm)
Eliza Talifero - Parrots in the Pantry
Joshua Fennell - Le Fleuriste Paris
Scott Ireland - Nobbys Beach, Newcastle
Eliza Talifero - When Harry Met Sally
Robyn Gosbell From the Rocks 77 x 152 cm
Joshua Fennell Balmoral Beach 35h x 23w cm
Wendy Wooden - 'TALITHA'  (105x105cm)
Dianne Ogg - Billabong in Blue, Nymphaea Gigantea
Geoff Buckle - Edwards Beach, Balmoral
John Pearson _ Hanging Around On The Moo
Dianne Ogg - Seahorse Reef
Velia Newman | Lilypad blue | 36x36
Tony Belobrajdic - Ferry at sunset
Ted Lewis _ view to the city 30x30cm
Ted Lewis - Along the Ophir Rd
Ken Knight Balmoral Beach
Tony Belobrajdic - Sydney Harbour
Peter Fennell - The Tailor Run 84 x 84 cm
Ann Morton_Paddling
Velia Newman - Magnolias
Michael Taylor - Iris - 51h cm x 61w cm
Sue Fyfe The Valley to Thredbo
Hugues Sineux - Farmers Cupboard
Janet Palmer Bushtrail
Wendy Wooden Spring Market
Joshua Fennell - Flowers In A Ginger Jar 22h x 28w
Velia Newman Hydrangea's
Jan Stapleton Blue Sea and Sandstone
Jenny Fusca | Awakening | 102x102
Belinda Black
Mignon Parker Blue Hydrangea's | 76x76
Scott Ireland - “Beach Gathering”
Dianne Ogg - Frivolity in the Iris Garde
Hugues Sineux - Artists Studio
Ernesto Arrisueno Kitchen Table
Ernesto Arrisueno - Warm Ambiance
Tony Belobrajdic - Venice Canal
Joshua Fennell _ Towards The Arc De Triumph _ 21x26
Dianne Ogg - Blue Doors Ansouis France

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