Ernesto Arrisueno | The Exchange | 96 x

His works are acclaimed as having a crisp reality, creating an air of mystical calm, a world of still waters, a myriad of flowers, and isolated enigmatic figures.

An expressionist and an environmentalist painter Rachel prefers to paint about locations that are surviving rather than focus on an area that is in demise.

Lucette DaLozzo

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Peter is a self-taught artist, his style has varied hues, lushly applied and careful compositions are infused with emotion. Bush scenes are softened with his impressionistic view landscapes.  

Sue Fyfe

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John Lovett

John’s unique interpretation of the Australian landscape, people and environment around him is enhanced by his use of light, vibrant colour with a strong sense of design - whether it be the rocky escarpment of Arnhem Land or the shores of Sydney Harbour.

Janet Palmer

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Lisa Wisse Robinson

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Jan Stapleton

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Diana Watson

Timeless and classic style, Dianna Watson is a renowned still life artist.

Belinda Black

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Ray Crooke

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Julian Eather

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Catherine Fitzgerald

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Velia Newman

Vibrant, bold brushstrokes in very thick textured acrylic paint. 

Mignon Parker

Showing a selection  of panel works vibrant and unusual featuring fruits and figures, involving a process of oxidisation and patina in which she uses several applications of paints, acids and iron filings to achieve an aged antique metallic look.

Gail Rutland-Gillard

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Freda works in fine detail using strong colour to create pieces which glow with life
and light. This results in highly successful warm paintings that demonstrate her ability to capture and recreate the images realistically. 

Wendy Wooden

A feast for the eye and a decorator’s delight, ranging from: beautiful beach scenes, waterscapes reflecting the coastal ambiance, Mediterranean village life, large contemporary paintings and sensuous figurative pieces.

Richard Bogusz

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Judith DaLozzo

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His paintings show an unusually sensitive response to the brilliance and clarity of light, combined with his natural ability as a colourist.

One Fine Day | Jenny Fusca.png

Working in a lively medium of acrylics and sealed oil glazes, Jenny Fusca often paints on oversized canvases - which brings the blooms to life for an immersive experience.

Ted Lewis

One of Australia's best outback and Australian bush artists - capturing the perspective, light and colours to perfection.

Dianne Ogg

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John Pearson

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Warren Salter

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Neil Taylor

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Ken Knight _ Balmoral Beach _ 130 x 133

Ken says, "through the elimination and reduction of detail I can convey reality strongly and more robustly, without creating areas of unnecessary distraction which detract from the overall picture".

777 Military Road


Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2088