Belinda Black

Belinda’s wonderfully decorated works are timeless (while still modern) pieces exude the joy of life. Her fine watercolours in rare and interesting old vases, jugs and bowls, combine traditional elements with her innovative style.

Art Work

Blue Hydrangea

Size:  56 x 46 cm



Size:  56 x 46 cm



Size:  56 x 46 cm



Size:  56 x 46 cm



Size:  56 x 46 cm


Size:  56 x 46 cm


Pink Roses

Size:  56 x 46 cm



Size:  56 x 46 cm


Chinoiserie Vase

Size:  56 x 46 cm


Sweet peas

Size:  56 x 46 cm


Mixed Bouquet

Size:  137 x 105 cm


White Tulips

Size:  88 x 70 cm


Belinda Black's Biography

Since 1987, Belinda has turned her talents to creating superb botanical studies capturing the sensuousness of fresh flowers – after initially having studied dress design at East Sydney Technical College, followed by working for seven years as a freelance designer.


More recently Belinda has been painting oils on canvas which have been immensely popular.


Belinda has exhibited her works widely and has shown (and continues to show) her artwork in numerous notable collections both within and outside of Australia. For the past thirty years, Belinda has exhibited her work at Moulton Galleries – each of her exhibitions have sold out and is one of our most sought after artists as her work give an elegant touch to any décor.

777 Military Road


Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2088

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Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 6pm

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