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Robyn Gosbell

Robyn’s work  has been recognized in Art circles through the numerous awards and prizes that she has received including the “Leader” Bicentennial Award, several awards from the Royal Easter Show for still life and landscape, and many others.  She has held a number of very successful solo exhibitions.  As a result, her works are to be found in many private and corporate collections locally and overseas.

Art Work

Sunseekets Balmoral

Size: 92 x 152 cm

Gosbell Robyn - Its a bit Fishy.JPG

It's a Bit Fishy

Size: 94 x 76 cm

When the Sky is Blue

Size: 94 x 76 cm

Robyn Gosbell - Soaking up the Sun Balmoral Beach
Robyn Gosbell - Summer Pleasures Balmoral Beach
Robyn Gosbell - Summer Dip Balmoral
Robyn Gosbell - Touched by the Sun

Touched by the Sun

Size: 64 x 64 cm

Summer dip at Balmoral

Size: 82 x 80 cm

Summer Pleasures Balmoral Beach

Size: 102 x 83 cm

Soaking up the Sun Balmoral Beach

Size: 64 x 83 cm

Robyn Gosbell - TAKING THE AIR

Taking The Air

Size: 72  x  152 cm

Robyn Gosbell - Witness to the Passing Generations.JPG

Witness to the Passing Generations

Size: 153 x  60 cm

Robyn Gosbell - Sun and Shade, Balmoral

Sun and Shade, Balmoral

Size: 77 x 152 cm

Robyn Gosbell From the Rocks 77 x 152 cm

From the Rocks

Size: 77 x 152 cm

Robyn Gosbell - Kakadu Waterway 76cm x 7

Kakadu Waterway

Size: 76cm x 76cm

Fleeting Light, Kakadu

Size: 61 x 61 cm

Robyn Gosbell - Fleeting Light, Kakadu.JPG
Robyn Gosbell - Balmoral Wharf in front

Balmoral Baths

Size: 82 cm x 73 cm

Robyn Gosbell - Yellow Bench Balmoral Ba

Yellow Bench

Size: 82 cm x 73 cm

Robyn Gosbell's Biography

Robyn was born in Sydney in 1943 and showed artistic talent and potential from a very early age.  Robyn’s father sent her to her first art classes at the age of 12 at the Railway Institute where she was tutored by Alan Grieve. There she was first introduced to life drawing and oil painting techniques. Robyn  completed a Fine Arts Course with distinction gaining first place overall. 

The knowledge acquired in this course enabled Robyn to excel in various mediums and to take her art to a professional level.  She has been a professional artist now for over 30 years, and has accumulated a broad knowledge of art expression over that time. Since then Robyn has worked hard to develop her talents in all mediums.

In recent years she has been most acclaimed for her work in pastels.  Through techniques that have been largely self taught, and her work in acrylics where she had produced many bright yet subtle paintings of many subjects, from small intimate interiors to large panoramic landscapes.  Her paintings are created from her own individual point of view, and from this source comes their own unique quality.

Over the years Robyn has done a considerable amount of teaching and has written articles for the Australian Artist Magazine.  Due to her knowledge of all kinds of art she is often asked to judge at art competitions and to conduct art criticisms.

Most of Robyn’s current works are in oil, pastel or acrylic.  However, she also has considerable experience in water colour and print making techniques.  Her subject matters are of a wide variety, from intimate interiors to large landscapes.

Robyn’s pastels in particular provide a testimony not only to her absolute command of this difficult medium, but her love of nature, the effects of light and shade and her ability to choose an individual subject and treat it in an exceptional way.  Her Balmoral Fig Trees have created a huge following of admirers with the way Robyn depicts their shape and sculptured forms. “She feels they are watching over the passing generations”.  Robyn paintings of Balmoral overall have proved to be the most  popular with the Galleries clients and she has created a large following of admirers.

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