Wendy Wooden

Wendy say's that her inspiration is "drawn from a myriad of life experiences, optimism, personal observations, travel and a zest for life". Her works emcompass various mediums, compositions and techniques but consistently convey emotion in each painting.


The love people have for Wendy's work comes from her meticulous attention to detail combined with technical ability - which morphs into creative clarity and a narriative in each individual piece.

Art Work

The Beach House at Agadir

Size: 100 x 100 cm

with handmade frame


Sweet Desire

Size: 60 x 60 cm

with handmade frame


Bathers at Atuona

Size: 100 x 100 cm

with handmade frame


Ibizan Summer

Size: 70 x 70 cm

with handmade frame


Meenakshi’s Garden

Size: 100 x 90 cm

with handmade frame


Exotic Empathy

Size: 100 x 75 cm

with handmade frame


Tropical Encounter

Size: 112 x 112 cm

with handmade frame


Summer in Mallorca

Size: 90 x 90 cm

with handmade frame


The Sunbathers

Size: 106 x 106 cm

with handmade frame


777 Military Road


Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2088

Open 7 Days

Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 6pm

Saturday: 9:30am - 5pm

Sunday: 10am - 5pm