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Joshua Fennell

Joshua is seen as one of the finer new talents, his technique displays a rich palette which has been influenced from multiple disciplines. His paintings show an unusually sensitive response to the brilliance and clarity of light, combined with his natural ability as a colourist.

Art Work

Joshua Fennell - Pont Neuf Paris.jpg

Pont Neuf Paris

Size: 23 x 23 cm


Joshua Fennell - Flower Market, Paris 18cmh x 23cmw.jpg

Flower Market, Paris

Size: 40 x 45 cm


Flowers in a Ginger Jar

Size: 22 x 28 cm


Joshua Fennell - Flowers In A Ginger Jar 22h x 28w.jpg
Joshua Fennell - Sea Glitter

Sea Glitter

Size: 23 x 23 cm


Joshua Fennell - Morning by the Lake

Morning by the Lake

Size: 31 x 31 cm


Joshua Fennell - Evening From Mosman 11cmh x 36cmw.jpg

Evening from Mosman

Size: 33 x 58 cm


Joshua Fennell - Cremorne Point.jpg

Cremorne Point

Size: 15 x 26 cm


Joshua Fennell | The Harbour From North

The Harbour From North Head

Size: 40 x 31 cm


Joshua Fennell - Evening Light - Sydney.jpg

Evening Light Sydney

Size: 15 x 25 cm


Joshua Fennell - Afternoon Balmoral.jpg

Afternoon Balmoral

Size: 26 x 31 cm


Balmoral Beach

Size: 26 x 31 cm


Joshua Fennell Balmoral Beach 35h x 23w cm.jpg
Joshua Fennell | Towards The Arc De Triu

Towards The Arc De Triumph

Size: 21 x 26 cm


Joshua Fennell | Morning Light | 36 x 40

Morning Light

Size: 36 x 40 cm


Joshua Fennell Sea Glitter | 16x20.jpg

Sea Glitter Venice

Size: 16 x 20 cm


Joshua Fennell's Biography

Born in Sydney in 1979, but later moved to the Central Coast with his parents and older brother Benjamin in 1980. He attended the Central Coast Grammar School from the age of nine and studied art throughout his school life, concluding with the Higher School Certificate.  He then went on to study at the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney where he enjoyed the stimulating atmosphere.


Josh has always shown a keen interest in drawing and painting from an early age, often working alongside his established artist father Peter Fennell. Which helped has enabled him to develop his own individual approach to his work. As Joshua has demonstrated a broad appreciation of styles and techniques throughout his work, where we see him look more towards figurative studies, especially in pastels and oils.  We also see Josh's love of the Australian countryside and beaches  in his landscapes.

 As an award winning artist, Josh is exhibiting in two Sydney Galleries and won the Hunter Valley Grammar School “Open Oils Award” in 1998. In 2001 he won the Camberwell Rotary Study Grant Award, which allowed him to study overseas at the Angel Academy in Florence.  While in Europe he travelled extensively and visited all the major galleries and in 2002 he returned to Europe. Where he held a successful exhibition within a gallery in Jersey, his mother’s home island in the Channel Isles.


The work in this exhibition showcased his travels throughout Europe.

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