Eva Hannah

Eva Hannah is an established Sydney artist whose favourite medium is oil paint. She says this allows for greater expression, although the gouaches are also very bright and colourful. Her original paintings have been reproduced as limited edition prints, posters, and art cards.

Art Work


Boudoir with Turquoise Wrap

Size: 48x50


Eva Hannah | Balcony View | 78 x 75

Balcony View

Size: 78x75

Eva Hannah | From my Garden | 73x60.jpg

From My Garden

Size: 73x60


Boudoir with Perfume Bottle's

Size: 48x50

Eva Hannah | Cote D'Azur III | 90x90.jpg

Cote D'Azur III

Size: 90x90

Moroccan Interior

Size: 106x106

Eva Hannah | Moroccan Interior | 106x106

Boudoir & Copper Bath

Size: 98x102