Mignon Parker

Mignon works mainly with acrylics, setting up still life subjects of flowers, fruits and colourful drapes. She also explores other mediums such as Watercolour, Fresco  Painting, Print Making and Gilding, working with different mediums allows her to be expressive.


Mignon is a Sydney based artist living and working from her Northern Beaches home and studio. Mignon's foray into the Art world began at North Sydney Technical Collage, after which she went on to attend the National Art School's Diploma of Design before being  offered employment in the advertising industry.


During her career in the arts, Mignon has remained a prolific artist submitting work for mass media publications, teaching and conducting workshops at well established schools state wide. Mignon's work is represented both in Australia and overseas.

Art Work

Dolce Volto (Sweet Face)

Size:  30 x 30 cm

Mixed media, rust oxidisation, gold leaf black leaf, encaustic.


Quinces & Tams

Size:  30 x 30 cm



Size:  30 x 30 cm


Dolce Volto with Figs

Size:  30 x 30 cm



Size:  30 x 30 cm


Gum Blossoms & Teapot

Size:  50 x 50 cm


Gum Blossoms & Gumnuts

Size:  61 x 61 cm


The Pink Curtin

Size:  30 x 30 cm


Aqua Towel

Size:  30 x 30 cm


Red Poppies & Persimmons

Size:  92 x 92 cm


Hydrangea Blue

Size:  76 x 76 cm


King Fisher with Gold Leaf

Size: 36  x 30 cm


Poppies & Quinces

Size:  76 x 76 cm


Kookaburra with Gold Leaf

Size: 36  x 30 cm


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Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2088

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