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Eliza Talifero

Eliza is new to Moulton Galleries which is exciting as she is unlike any other artist we have had over the 30 years we have been exhibiting. Totally unique with inspiration coming not far from her back door. Birds and their comical antics, relationships, and getting about their business.

They reflect so much of the society where people reside - Eliza creates images that transport you into a faraway place with a sense of joy - and her wish is that the viewer looks long enough to walk away with a smile.

Let your eyes search her paintings and may you smile as you find the quirky and the wry of everyday life in this amazing country called Australia.

Art Work

When Harry Met Sally

Size: 90h x 110w cm

Eliza Talifero - When Harry Met Sally.jpg
Eliza Talifero - Summer Days.jpg

Summer Days

Size: 90h x 110w cm

It’s Your Move

Size: 120 h x 92 w cm

Eliza Talifero - It’s Your Move.jpg
Eliza Talifero - High Society.jpg

High Society

Size: 120 h x 92 w cm

Australian Politics

Size: 85 h x 85 w cm

Kookaburra's Dilemma

Size: 80 h x 60 w cm

Mulga Parrots in the Pantry 

Size: 80 h x 60 w cm

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