Tony Belobrajdic

Award-winning, Croatian artist Tony Belobrajdic is a contemporary impressionist and works "alla prima" (wet on wet) - which allows him to paint at great speed and capture specific moments in time. To do this, he starts with a clear concept before starting a fresh piece, which is a skill he likely developed in his studies of architecture and engineering before pursuing art in 1987.


Although Tony has multiple mediums he works with; watercolours, oils, and acrylic on canvas. He says his particular love for, "the simplicity of watercolours", comes from being able to create, "spontaneous yet expressive paintings". 


Now living in Sydney, Australia, Tony now splits his time between Sydney and Europe - with regular exhibitions held in both countries and regularly teaches and produces workshops for intermediate to advanced painters. 

Art Work

Tony Belobrajdic - Mosman Rowers Club 56h x 39w cm.jpg

Mosman Rowers Club

56 x 39 cm (unframed) 

Tony Belobrajdic - Low Tide.jpg

Low Tide

38 x 56 cm 

Tony Belobrajdic - Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour


Tall Ship Soren Larsen,

Sydney Harbour


Tony Belobrajdic - Soren Larsen
Tony Belobrajdic Marseille Harbour, France.jpg

Marseille Harbour, France

38 x 56 cm (unframed) 

Pont Des Arts, Paris


Tony Belobrajdic - Pont Des Arts, Paris
Tony Belobrajdic - Tosca a scene from Tosca Performance.jpg

"Tosca" a scene from Tosca

Tony Belobrajdic - Interior with Portrait

Interior with Portrait

Tony Belobrajdic - Dome in Florence

Dome in Florence

Size: 59 x 42 cm


Tony Belobrajdic - Venice Canal
Tony Belobrajdic - Interior with Bay Window

Interior with Bay Window 

Tony Belobrajdic - Santa Maria della Salute, Venice

Santa Maria, Della Salute, Venice


Venice Cancal


Tony Belobrajdic - Interior 1

French Interior I


Tony Belobrajdic - Interior 2

French Interior II