Dianne Ogg

Influences in her work have come from her professional career as a Biochemist and Zoologist, her travels around the world with her husband Jeff Ogg (who is a Veterinary Surgeon), and her mother - prominent artist Gwen Pratt (FRAS). We've been representing Dianne Ogg for the past 30 years, her work is eclectic and spectacularly decorative - which keeps people coming back to repurchase, as her work is unique and versatile.    

Art Work

Waterlilies-Serenity, Botswana

Size: 90mm x 1200mm


Blue Billabong

Size: 920mm x 1220mm


Monet's Water Garden

Size: 910mm x 1220mm


Frivolity in the Iris Garden

Size: 900mm x 1200mm


Pink Lotus Diptych (2 pieces)

 Size: 915mm x 1220mm


Pink Lotus

Size: 1350mm x 1700mm


Seahorse Reef

Size: 92cm x 122cm


Brahman, Kimberley Ranges WA

Size: 600mm x 450mm


Hereford, Outback Australia

Size: 450mm x 600mm


Endangered Black Rhinoceros

Size: 900mm x 1200mm


Uluru Colour Symphony

Size: 860mm x 1740mm


Escarpment, Kimberly Ranges WA

Size: 900mm x 1200mm


Blue Doors Ansouis, France

Size: 450mm x 600mm


Dianne Ogg's Biography

Throughout her professional career, Dianne's artworks have been continuously exhibited throughout Australia, in particular, Sydney, Canberra, and country galleries - exhibitions include mixed and one-man shows. Her works are derived from her travels throughout Australia and many other countries around the world - on paper and canvas media including but not limited to acrylics and inks, pastel and oil sticks, charcoal and gesso, collage.

Fluent in three languages, English, French, and German. Dianne's interests are astronomy, environmental science, travel, literature, gardening, and photography.  

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