John Pearson

John’s artwork has been described as “feeling” or “mood” art; as it has a way of touching people, evoking feelings and memories from within themselves. This “connection” is achieved by John’s careful control of subject and composition, colour and its vibration, and with thoughtful design and harmony. 

Describing life as a voyage with many twists and turns that is to be enjoyed and grown through - John has had a full life which has contributed to the depth of his pieces combining; nuclear physics, small business, yachting, teaching, Lifeline phone counselor, and, of course, art.

Art Work

Morning Calm

Size:  500 x 400 mm


Hanging Around

Size:   800  x 1010 mm


John Pearson _ Hanging Around On The Moo
John Pearson _ Ready To Sail 740mm x 940

Ready To Sail

Size: 740 x 940 mm


Looking Forward

Size:   740 x 940 mm


John Pearson_Looking Forward 740mm x 940
John Pearson_Morning Calm 500mm x 400mm

Calm Morning

Size: 500 x 400 mm