Jenny Fusca

Working in a lively medium of acrylics and sealed oil glazes, Jenny Fusca often paints on oversized canvases - which brings the blooms to life for an immersive experience.


Seeing her work as floral 'portraits', Jenny approaches each composition with the intention of revealing something unseen or unnoticed about the flower: I think of them as floral ‘portraits’

Art Work


Size: 90 x 120cm

"A dramatic composition featuring David Austin roses and buds. Classic white and cream roses speak the language of love and life" - Jenny Fusca.

Ama Sempre II (forever love)

Size: 178 x 122 cm

"Pale pink and white peonies with golden tassel-like stamens. From
the glorious garden of Chinoiserie, in Mittagong, NSW
" - 
Jenny Fusca.


Size: 120x90 cm

"Delicate colour, multi-layered centres and heavenly perfume – it
has to be a David Austin rose. My favourite rose subjects. They
are romantic flowers, which I like to paint in multiples– symbolic of
the bride who has lowered her bouquet for a moment" - 
Jenny Fusca.

Chance Encounter

Size: 120x90 cm


Size: 90x150

"I walk every day before painting. 

One, crystal clear, Autumn morning I came across the Gardenia Tree.  Looking up into the tree, the flowers were backlit by the sun – petals translucent and covered in feasting bees.  It was magical.  There was a solitary leaf, turning orange as a herald to the coming winter" - Jenny Fusca.

One Fine Day

Size: 150 x 90cm


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