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Catherine Fitzgerald

Catherine Fitzgerald is an award-winning artist whose work is now featured in the latest edition of The Block television series.

The contestants are purchasing Catherine's work to decorate the different houses and the paintings look amazing in their float frames in Tasmanian Oak.

Catherine has been fascinated with the landscapes  & architecture on her trips to Tuscany and Provence as well as the lifestyle. This has influenced her paintings as can be seen in the images attached.  Moulton Galleries has been selling Catherine's work for over 20 years & she has had many successful solo exhibitions over the years.

Art Work

Catherine Fitzgerald - Antique Matket, Provence .jpg

Antique Market, Provence

Size: 91 x 91 cm


The Boatyard

Size: 70 x 46 cm


Catherine Fitzgerald - The Boatyard.jpg
Catherine Fitzgerald - Al Fresco. Aix en Provence .jpg

Al Fresco. Aix en Provence

Size: 51 x 51 cm


La Vie en Roses

Size: 41 x 51 cm


Catherine Fitzgerald - La Vie en Roses .jpg
Catherine Fitzgerald - Cors Mirabeau Aix en Provence .jpg

Cors Mirabeau Aix en Provence

Size: 51 x 40 cm


Spirit of Aix en Provence

Size: 51 x 40 cm


Catherine Fitzgerald - Spirit of Aix en Provence .jpg
Catherine Fitzgerald- France’s Hidden Gem .jpg

France’s Hidden Gem

Size: 60 x 76 cm


Provençal Therapy

Size: 75 x 60 cm


Catherine Fitzgerald - Provençal Therapy .jpg
Catherine Fitzgerald - Traditional Limoni Magic .jpg

Traditional Limoni Magic

Size: 76 x 62 cm


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