Velia Newman

Recognised as Australia’s foremost contemporary female Artist for her thick impasto palette - Velia gains her inspiration from her love of the beach, surf & natural Bushland surrounds of her studio on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.

Art Work

Velia Newman - Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden

Size: 76 x 152 cm

Velia Newman - Home - 30 x 92 cm.jpg


Size: 30 x 92 cm

Velia Newman - Billabong -30 x 92 cm .jpg


Size: 30 x 92 cm

Velia Newman - Painted ladies 11 - 30 x 40 cm.jpg

Painted Ladies II

Size: 30 x 40 cm

Velia Newman - Painted ladies 1- 30 x 40 cm.jpg

Painted Ladies I

Size: 30 x 40 cm

Magnolias in Blue Vase

Size: 60 x 122 cm

Velia Newman - Magnolias in blue vase.jpg
Velia Newman - Pink Magnolias

Pink Magnolias

Size: 30 x 92 cm

Nesting Time (fairy wrens)

Size: 76 x 76 cm

Velia Newman - Nesting Time (fairy wrens)
Velia Newman - Sydney Afterglow

Sydney Afterglow

Size: 102 x 183 cm

Velia Newman - Colours of Sydney.jpg

Sydney's Palette

Size: 86 x 126 cm

Blue Sailing 

Size: 76 x 152 cm

Velia Newman -  Blue Sailing
Velia Newman - Sydney Celebration - Vivid

Sydney Celebration - Vivid

Velia Newman - Balmoral Summer 1 mt. high x 1.8 mt. wide.jpg

Balmoral Summer

Size: 1m x 1.8m

Velia Newman - Racing Maui

Racing Maui

Size: 75 x 102 cm

McCaw on Yachting Chart

Size: 120 x 88 cm

Velia Newman - South Pacific McCaw
Velia Newman - Sailing San Diego

Sailing San Diego

Size: 102 x 75 cm

Hawaiian Island Yacht Racing

Size: 88 x 120 cm

Velia Newman - Sailing the Hawaiian islands
Velia Newman - Oahu spinnakers

Oahu spinnakers

Size: 75 x 102 cm

Velia Newman - Moonlight Sails

Moonlight Sails

Size: 0.68  x 1.38 m

Blue Spinnakers (Antique Chart)

Size: 120 x 88 cm

Velia Newman - Blue Spinnakers (Antique Chart)

 The charts in Velia's artworks are authetic original navigation charts, sourced from her late fathers' yacht

(as most sailors now use a GSP, they are hard to come across).


Velia's father loved the ocean and sailed many voyages around the pacific.


Velia Newman_Windward.jpg


Size: 76 x 152cm

Velia Newman | Lilypad blue | 36x36.jpg

Lilypad Blue

Size: 92 x 92 cm

Love of the Reef

Size: 92 x 92 cm

Velia Newman | Love On The Reef .jpg
Velia Newman | Sydney from Kiribilli .jp

Opera House Sails

Size: 102 x 182 cm


Size: 45 x 35cm

Velia Newman | Sydney Sails | 30x72 .jpg

Sydney Sails

Size: 102 x 152 cm

Velia Newman_Sailing.jpg
Velia Newman_Sydney Rainbow .jpg

Sydney Rainbow

Size: 91 x 61cm

Velia Newman - Kingfisher on Nautical Chart 75h x 102w cm.jpg

Kingfisher on Nautical Chart

Size: 75 x 102 cm


Size: 102 x 40cm

Velia Newman - Lilypond (framed size) 102cmh x 40cmw.jpg


Size: 1.2 x 1.2m

Velia Newman - Magnolias
Velia Newman - All for  Love

All for Love

Size: 1.3 x 1.3 m

Floral Panel 2

Size: 152 x 30 cm

Velia Newman - Floral Panel 2 152cmh x 30cmw.jpg
Velia Newman - Floral Panel 152cmh x 30cmw.jpg

Floral Panel 1

Size: 152 x 30 cm

Velia Newman - Dance of Colour.jpg

Dance of Colour

Size: 76 x 152 cm

Velia Newman - Always Forever.jpg
Velia Newman | The Blue Room .jpg

The Blue Room

Size: 102 x 127cm

Always Forever

Size: 102 x 76 cm

Velia Newman_Love Bloom's Here.jpg
Velia Newman -Sunset Pond

Love Bloom's Here

Size: 76 x 152cm


Sunset Pond

Size: 92 x 134 cm


Velia Newman_Hydrangea's.jpg
Velia Newman_White Romance .jpg

White Romance

Size: 76 x 51cm


Size: 91 x 45cm




Size: 102 x 127cm

Bloom’s Grandiflora

Size: 60 x 121 cm


Velia Newman - Bloom’s Grandiflora
Velia Newman - Magnolia in Olive

Magnolia in Olive

Size: 76 x 76 cm


The Floral Party

Size: 106.68 x 106.68 cm


Velia Newman - The Floral Party

Velia's Biography

Largely self-taught Velia’s painting career started at age 9, under the guidance of her mother, Anita Newman, who is one of Australia’s better known Romantic Impressionists.

For over a Decade, Velia’s works have created an enormous impact on both the Domestic & International stage. Velia’s works have featured with & are Acclaimed by Famous Australian Artists including David Boyd & Esteemed Archibald winner, Geoff Dyer. Velia’s works feature in some of the world’s best private collections & can be viewed in Galleries throughout, Asia, North America, & United Kingdom. Velia now has 7 works in Limited Edition numbered Print, Only 1/99 of each is being offered World Wide, Angelfish, Seahorses, Octopus Garden- (from the much-acclaimed Oceania Series ) Floral Dance, Daisy & Tulips, Racing & The Kite - they are sure to become a worthwhile Investment & sought after by collectors. 


The popularity of this series in the U.S, Velia describes as overwhelming as an activist for the protection of Australia’s Great Barrier reef/ecosystems, Velia supports Mote Marine Laboratories Sarasota FL USA & ongoing research for healthier World Oceans for generations to come. The Oceania series, Velia describes as almost childlike in character, Innocent in Nature yet bold & very colourful in behaviour. It depicts the frivolity, diversity & splendor that is our marine life & Great Barrier Reef.

Velia Newman - Hawaiian Hibiscus

Hawaiian Hibiscus

Size: 1.02 x 1.02 cm