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Louis Dalozzo

Reflecting the intense colours, defined contours, and unique atmosphere of the Australian outback is the essence of a Louis Dalozzo painting. An aura of space and timeless beauty overwhelms the observer when peering into one of Louis Dalozzo's landscapes.

Louis has been painting professionally for over 20 years now and has exhibited works in many of our country's state capitals and overseas in countries such as the USA and French Polynesia. He is renowned for his unique self-taught style, which accurately conveys the mood and feel of the rugged outback. His contemporary landscape, hard-edged, vibrant, with unparalleled visual perspective has won him acclaim and notoriety by both corporate and private collectors the world over. The landscape of Louis Dalozzo brings a refreshingly new approach to a subject matter widely used within this country. He persists in exploring new avenues of visualization in reference to composition and colour, which leaves you absorbed and sometimes consumed by the vastness of the panorama. "Few places on earth do we find such stunning beauty," He says. For this is the subject that continues to impact his contemporary expression in a way so singular that you can instantly recognize a Louis Dalozzo at a single glance.

Art Work

Louis Dalozzo - everglades reflection no

Everglade Reflection

Size: 75 x 50 cm


Louis Dalozzo - sunrise over the flinder

Sunrise Over The Flinders

Size: 111.5 x 83 cm


Louis DaLozzo - taking a break.jpg

Taking a Break


The Stockman

Size: 67  x 87 cm


Louis Dalozzo - The Stockman .jpg
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