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Jan Stapleton

Jan is a Sydney-based, contemporary Australian landscape painter whose work has featured in over thirty major commercial gallery exhibitions in Sydney and Canberra over the past 36 years. Since 2000 her work has been selected for inclusion in seven major selective, curated exhibitions at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery in Sydney’s southern suburbs.  

Art Work

Jan Stapleton  -  Summer Blue Cronulla

Summer Blue Cronulla

Size: 88 x 103cm


Jan Stapleton - Kimberley Lilies in the Light

Kimberley Lilies in the Light

Size: 76 x 122cm


Jan Stapleton - Salt Lake

Salt Lake

Size: 60 x 60cm


Jan Stapleton - Lilies at First Light

Lilies at First Light

Size: 46 x 46cm


Jan Stapleton_Blue Sea and Sandstone - C

Blue Sea & Sandstone - Coast Walk

Size: 89 x 103cm


Lotus Bird Billabong& Paperbarks at Dusk

Size: 93 x 102cm


Jan Stapleton_Lotus Bird Billabong & Pap
Jan Stapleton_The Quiet Light of Dawn-Ka
Jan Stapleton | Sea Foam | 94x109.jpg

The Quiet Light of Dawn - Kakadu

Size: 93 x 123cm


Beach Grass

Size: 93 x 123cm


Jan Stapleton | Lotus Bird Lagoon I | 10
Jan Stapleton | River & Blue Gums | 80x7

Morning Lilies Cape York

Size: 76 x 76cm


Hacking River - Indigo

Size: 93 x 84cm


Jan Stapleton  -  Ocean Waves

Ocean Wave

Size: 77 x 122cm


Jan's Biography

From around 2000 onwards landscape themes in acrylic, oil, mixed media were explored in a more experimental and poetic manner using the artist’s unique, creative interpretations of the Australian landscape. As her landscape work developed she was able to travel and experience much of the vast and beautiful wilderness in this country.

The remote areas of Cape York, Western Queensland and Gulf country, the Northern Territory and Arnhem Land, Western Australia’s Kimberley and Pilbara regions and on two occasions the vast inland sea of Lake Eyre following flooding.  Ever gathering material and ideas for new paintings. These remote wilderness areas continue to be a powerful inspiration in the creation of new artwork. Her evocative contemporary landscape work and ‘billabong’ paintings are highly sought after. She is represented extensively in private collections here and overseas.


In the words of the artist.

“My paintings reflect my deep love of nature and the outback. My connections to the landscape and the wide open spaces of this country. To the landscape I bring my own marks, colours, vision and my energy and passion. The act of creation brings life to a painting. The paintings become more than what I physically ‘see’. The act of painting always takes me back to these places”.


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