Jan Stapleton

Jan says her passion for the landscape's and painting landscapes, makes her feel ‘enlivened and connected’ to the ‘energy and spirit’ of the places that she paints. - becoming more than what can be physically ‘seen’.

Art Work

Blue Sea & Sandstone - Coast Walk

Size: 89 x 103cm


Lotus Bird Billabong& Paperbarks at Dusk

Size: 93 x 102cm


The Quiet Light of Dawn - Kakadu

Size: 93 x 123cm


Beach Grass

Size: 93 x 123cm


Morning Lilies Cape York

Size: 76 x 76cm


Hacking River - Indigo

Size: 93 x 84cm


Jan's Biography

Jan says that she has been fortunate in her life to have been able to experience much of the vast and beautiful wilderness in this country (Australia). From the landscapes of Kakadu and NT, the Kimberley and Pilbara to Cape York, the Gulf Country, Winton & Western QLD, the vast expanse of the Lake Eyre Basin. Coming closer to her now home, the stunning coastal wilderness and the Hacking River near Sydney.


Drawing her love of landscapes she brings her own marks, colours, 'energy' and passion to her artworks, for Jan, the act of creation. Through the physical work of building up surfaces by multi-layering paint and marks (in what she describes as the 'resolution phase') enables her to produce work that is brought to life.


777 Military Road


Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2088

Open 7 Days

Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 6pm

Saturday: 9:30am - 5pm

Sunday: 10am - 5pm