Ann Morton

Unique in detail, each of Ann's paintings are incredible to view to the naked eye. Reflecting the time and expertise that has gone into each of her artworks which she paints with oil on board. Seen as collector's items, her works are sort after from people around the world - wanting to own a true individual masterpiece.

Art Work

Wattle with Objects


Chasing Seagulls


Autumn Harvest 

Size: 122 x 104 cm


Lilac & Blue Lady Reflection

Size: 103 x 81 cm



Size: 55 x 55 cm



Size: 48 x 55 cm


Summer on the Lachlan River

Size: 50 x 50 cm


Champagne & Fromager d'Affinois

Size: 60 x 50 cm


Pumpkin Soup

Size: 75 x 75 cm


November Lilies

Size: 78 x 88 cm


On Guard

Size: 46 x 46 cm


Ann Morton's Biography

Ann has painted all her life, born in Cowra, Central New South Wales in 1958 - Ann says that she can not remember a time when painting and drawing was not a central element or focus within her life. Her art education took the form of constant practice and was mentored by her father (along with other great renowned realist artists) - this was largely due to art schools being focused on modern art. Knowing already that she wanted to be a realist painter, Ann knew that she would have to find alternative training to learn and enhance her talent.

Ann has worked all her life as an artist with many solo and joint exhibitions. Although each of her works takes an extensive investment of time to produce, due to the detail involved in each painting, making her work a rare masterpiece for each owner. Her works are represented in collections all over the world, although she has chosen not to enter as many competitions as her peers, she has been hung in the major Australian art exhibitions including: The Archibald portrait prize, The Sporting Archibald, The Portia Geach portrait prize, the Doug Moran Portrait Prize, The Art Renewal Center Salon

To name a few.

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Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2088

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