Ted Lewis

Ted's great love for the Australian landscapes, particularly the Australian bush and beautiful beaches, is evident throughout his pieces - he even takes his paints wherever he goes, just in case. Experimenting with colour to produce a more contemporary landscape, particularly in acrylics, while using oil to produce subtle changes in light and atmosphere 

Art Work

Ted Lewis - Moving the Mob .jpg

Moving the Mob

Size: 61 x 91 cm

Ted Lewis - By the Old Shed.JPG
Ted Lewis - Painting the Wild Flowers.JPG

By the Old Shed

Size: 91 x 122 cm

Painting the Wild Flowers

Size: 61 x 50 cm

Setting Off

Size: 50 x 61 cm

Ted Lewis - Setting Off .JPG
Ted Lewis - Summer days.JPG

Summer Days

Size: 76 x 61 cm

Morning Mist 

Ted Lewis - Along the Ophir Rd

Along the Ophir Road

Size: 61 x 91

Oil on Linen

Ted Lewis - Camping on the Finke River 91x122cm

Camping on the Finke River

Size: 91 x 122

Oil on Linen

Ted Lewis - Standing Tall

Standing Tall

Size: 100 x 76

Oil on Linen

Ted Lewis - Barwon River Gum

Barwon River Gum

Size: 76 x 61

Oil on Linen

Ted Lewis - Impressions of the Harbour 100x100cm

Impressions of the Harbour

Size: 100 x 100

Oil on Linen

Morning Reflection

Size: 30 x 30

Oil on Linen

Ted Lewis - Morning Reflections
Ted Lewis - Off For a Walk 61x50cm

Off for a Walk

Size: 60 x 51

Oil on Linen

Ted Lewis - Playing in the Creek 61x50cm

Playing in the Creek

Size: 61 x 50

Oil on Linen

Ted Lewis _ looking over middle harbour
Ted Lewis _ sails on pittwarter 30x30cm

Bush Friend

Size: 86 x 61

Ted Lewis _ watching you 100x76cm

Watching You 

Size: 100 x 76

Ted Lewis - Bush Friend.jpg
Ted Lewis - Walking Through the Wild Flowers 61x50cm

Walking through the Wildflowers

Size: 60 x 51

Oil on Linen

Ted Lewis _ boundary fence 76x61cm

Looking Over Middle Harbour

Size: 30 x 30

Ted Lewis _ playing by the water 61x50cm

Sails on Pittwater

Size: 30 x 30

Boundary Fence

Size: 76 x 61

Ted Lewis - At the Beach Balmoral.jpg

Playing by the Water

Size: 61 x 50

At The Beach 

Size: 30 x 30

Ted Lewis - By the Creek .jpg

By The Creek

Size: 30 x 30

Ted Lewis _ under the umberella 30x30cm

Under the Umbrella

Size: 30  x 30

Ted Lewis | Peaceful Waters | 60x60.jpg
Ted Lewis _ afternoon swim 30x30cm

Afternoon Swim

Size: 30  x 30

Peaceful Waters 

Size: 60 x 60

Ted Lewis | Sails on the Harbour from Br
Ted Lewis | Sydney Harbour Sailing | 76x

Sails on the Harbour

from Bradley's Head

Sydney Harbour Sailing

Size: 76 x 100

Ted Lewis | Middle Harbour | 102x76.jpg

On Middle Harbour

Size: 102 x 76

Ted Lewis | Low Tide 2 | 40x50.jpg

Low Tide II

Size: 40 x 50

Ted Lewis | Low Tide | 30x60.jpg
Ted Lewis | From Gladesville Bridge | 61

Low Tide

Size: 30 x 60

From Gladesville Bridge

Size: 102 x 76

Ted Lewis | Boat Shed | 30x40.jpg
Ted Lewis | The Fisherman | 36x48.jpg

Boat Shed

Size: 30 x 40

The Fisherman

Size: 36 x 48

Ted Lewis | Walking the Dogs | 24x30 .jp
Ted Lewis | Morning Mist .jpg

Morning Walk

Size: 24 x 30

Ted Lewis | In The Bush | 90x75.jpg
Ted Lewis | early morning glow .jpg

In The Bush 

Size: 90 x 75

Ted Lewis | Birds on a Wire | 76x100.jpe

Early Morning Glow 

Birds on a Wire

Size: 76 x 100

Ted Lewis | Heading into the Bush .jpeg

Heading into the Bush 

Ted Lewis | By the Waters Edge | 76x100.

Checking the Line 

By the Waters Edge

Ted Lewis | checking the line .jpg
Ted Lewis | will it still go | 20x60 .jp

Will it Still Go

Size: 20 x 60 

Ted Lewis | Days End | 75x90.jpg
Ted Lewis | November Change .jpg

Days End

Size: 75 x 90

November Change

Ted Lewis | Having a Break | 30x36.jpg
Ted Lewis | Lengthening Shadows West Mac

Having a Break

Size: 30 x 36

Lengthening Shadows West MacDonnells

Size: 75 x 90

Ted Lewis | Last Light Camerons Corner |
Ted Lewis | by the fires glow | 90x120.j

Last Light Camerons Corner Size: 75 x 90

By the Fires Glow

Size: 90 x 120