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Jennifer Webb

"I paint about things that I love to look at or remember. I find things evocative, I want to tell a story visually",


"I started drawing before walking and painting in oils by age 11", Jennifer shares. "Like many artists, I knew at an early age that much of my life’s waking hours would be consumed by a powerful desire to create visual impressions of what I saw and felt".

Known for her long-standing "skyline series", where she expresses her perceptions of city views with both waterways and CBD icons. Her ocean-inspired series expresses the essence of the ocean and its behaviour. "I have enjoyed combining science and art in the development of specific outdoor substrates and approaches. Each of my separate series span a divide of concepts and themes, even painterly approaches, as I love the unique qualities and effects of watercolours, oils, acrylics, and also mixed-media".

Jennifer's studies are often undertaken in watercolour and major works are commonly executed in acrylic and mixed media on canvas and linen.

Art Work

Jennifer Webb - A Night To Remember

A Night to Remember

Size: 104 x 155 cm


Sailing Sydney

Size: 142 x 102 cm

This painting

can be hung



Jennifer Webb - Sailing Sydney
Jennifer Webb - Race You To Pinchgut

Race you to Pinchgut

Size: 105 x 76 cm


Ocean Shore xii

Size: 90 x 90 cm


Jennifer Webb - Ocean Shore xiii
Jennifer Webb - Splish i

Splish i

Size: 41.5 x 61 cm


Jennifer's Biography

Throughout life, painting and drawing has always been a passionate pursuit, but since returning from living as an artist in South America, it has continued as a full-time pursuit in Australia for the Melbourne based fine artist. She has undertaken many solo shows and participated in group shows over the decades as well. Her works are featured in many corporate and private collections here and overseas.



Like many artists, I knew at an early age that much of my life’s waking hours would be consumed by a powerful desire to create visual impressions of what I saw and felt. Although I started drawing before walking, and painting in oils by age 11, it wasn’t until after I had satisfied my parent's need for my non-art career to be established that I ended up ‘living as an artist' . I found myself living in Brazil and life itself there led me inextricably into the pursuit of artistic endeavours on a 24/7 basis.


Throughout my life, my artistic learning process has been through professional mentors in Australia and overseas and through voracious personal theoretical study and practical diligence from a very young age. I was invited to exhibit with a group of adults at age 14 and mentored by them. This gave me a secret yearning and confidence to pursue my artistic path, something I was only able to do much later.


It took another culture and the ultimate need for visual communication to lead me into an actual career in art. Although the human form and human nature inspire me, mostly I paint around themes of water, the elements, my surroundings (including ocean and cityscapes), and sometimes the themes merge.


I started in pastels, oils, and watercolours but in Brazil, I moved toward acrylic and mixed media due to the ability

to use an array of textures and layers on diverse substrates. In particular (as I love the spontaneity of watercolour but don’t like to put art behind glass.) I have employed wet in wet techniques and layering of glazes over various textures. This suits my sea inspired paintings and gives me a glass-free alternative to watercolour on paper..

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