Peter Fennell

Peter is a self-taught artist, his style has varied hues, lushly applied and careful compositions are infused with emotion. Bush scenes are softened with his impressionistic view landscapes.  

Using light as a kind of tunnel in his works, Peter is able to draw the viewer into the understated arrangement of the painting (by blending colour and form with life and élan). His love of wildlife is often depicted by elegant inclusions of herons, egrets, seagulls or pelicans.

Art Work

Peter Fennell - Hunter Valley Gold 22h x 60w.JPG
Peter Fennell - Boundary Rider.JPG

Hunter Valley Gold 

Size: 22 x 60 cm


Peter Fennell - Early Frost -.jpg

Early Frost

Size: 56 x 46 cm


Boundary River

Size: 40 x 51 cm


Peter Fennell - The Book 710 x 710cm.JPG

The Book

Size: 710 x 710 cm


Peter Fennell _ A Day At The Beach
Peter Fennell - Blue Skies 60 x 40.jpg

Blue Skies

Size: 60 x 45 cm


A walk in the Sand

Size: 46 x 56 cm


Peter Fennell - A walk in the Sand.jpg

A Day at the Beach

Size: 62 x 52 cm


Summer Glow

Size: 46 x 56 cm


Peter Fennell - Summer Glow.jpg
Peter Fennell - The Tailor Run 84 x 84 cm.jpg

The Tailor Run

Size: 84 x 84 cm


Daisy Bloom

Size: 55 x 55 cm


Peter Fennell - Daisy Bloom.jpg
Per Fennell - Roses .jpg
Peter Fennell - A White Bunch.jpg


Size: 50 x 50 cm


A White Bunch

Size: 37 x 40 cm


Peter Fennell_Golden Cascade

Golden Cascade

Size: 44 x 76 cm


Peter Fennell - The Grand Canal.JPG

The Grand Canal 

Size: 51 x 77 cm


Santa Maria Del Salute | Peter Fennel .J

Santa Maria Del Salute

Size: 68 x 52 cm


Peter Fennell_A Winter Walk
Peter Fennell - The Storm.JPG

A Winter Walk, Paris

Size: 88 x 64 cm


The Storm

Size: 70 x 100 cm


Peter Fennell - Colours of the Bush.jpg

Colours of the Bush

Size: 64 x 54 cm


Peter Fennell - The Tabac .JPG

The Tabac


The Cockatoo Club

Size: 44 x 66 cm


Peter Fennell - The Cockatoo Club 44h x 66w.JPG

Peter Fennell's Biography

Drawing and painting have been a part of Peter’s life since childhood and has been painting professionally for over 40 years. Leaving a banking career at the age of 21, he decided to travel and spent some time working for mining companies at Mt. Isa and outback Queensland. He was impressed by the contrasts of the outback life to that of life in city environs. 

Today his work depicts versatility in his range of subjects from the city and beaches to the bush. Peter relaxes with his hobby of fishing and boating, with his wife and two sons Benjamin and Joshua.