Olivier Sidore

Born in South of France in 1960, Olivier Sidore grows up in Saint-Cyr-sur-mer, a Mediterranean village. He first studies cinema in Paris and then migrates to Australia in 1983. He studies acting at the Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga and graduates with an Associate Diploma in Creative Arts, majoring in Drama in 1985. Olivier has been working as a professional actor ever since, in Australia and now in Geneva, in Switzerland.

In 1988, the 200 years marking date of white occupation in Australia, Olivier starts playing yidaki, and he begins to paint, both inspired and guided by the Aboriginal culture and art. At first, he is closely inspired from Aboriginal styles, as well as African, Mexican, Expressionist, many sleeping influences from his life and artistic experience. Today, his paintings have moved on and his original style mixes an endless search for colours and an approach based on improvisation. His relation and his link to Australian Aboriginal roots remain.

Art Work

Olivier Sidore -Labyrinth (Waltz) - 53x53cm - Moulin paper 1200g_m2.png



Size: 53 x 53 cm 


Partie de Campagne

Size: 70 x 100 cm 


Olivier Sidore -Partie de campagne 100x70cm - Moulin paper 1200g_m2.png
Olivier Sidore -Touareg 53x53cm - Moulin paper 1200g_m2.png

Touareg (Desert Horse Riders)

Size: 53 x 53 cm 


Olivier Sidore -Don Quixote (The Moth) - Capellades paper 80x80cm.png

Don Quixote

Size: 80 x 80 cm


Mariposa Butterfly

Size: 70 x 100 cm 

Olivier Sidore - Mariposa (Butterfly) 100x70cm  - Moulin paper 1200g_m2.png
Olivier Sidore - Clown Warrior - 35x100cm Favriano paper 300g_m2.jpg

Clown Warrior

Size: 35 x 100 cm 


Olivier Sidore Biography

Olivier pays his respects to all Aboriginal people, their beautiful land, their ancestors and all Aboriginal women and men who have been there for thousands and thousands of years, those of today, and those of tomorrow.


Olivier first painted with oil pastels and oil paints on canvas, wood and paper, and learned and worked with oil based lino-printing (1988-2000). He then discovered inks and used gouaches on paper (until 1996). From 1996 up to now, Olivier has been painting with pigmented inks. Olivier searches for quality papers, thick, rugged handmade papers. In 2017/18, Olivier was commissioned to paint a mural at La Waira in Cali, Colombia, two walls 4mx3m, one 1mx2m, with natural pigments. Following his 2017 exhibition, Olivier had a commission for a 180cmx180cm painting (2018). Searching for large handmade paper he met Catalonia artist and paper maker Victoria Rabal, director of Capellades Paper Museum (near Barcelona) and he has continued a collaboration with her painting on her beautiful and unique handmade papers.


For the last fifteen years, Olivier has built up an increasing interest within the Swiss and French art scenes. Following his successful last exhibition in Geneva (2017), Olivier has had commissioned works both in Geneva and in France. Olivier’s works are to be found in many private collections worldwide, in Australia, Europe, the USA and South America. Olivier also illustrates children’s books with his own digital collages from his paintings, bringing yet another dimension to his work.