Ken Knight

"As an impressionist I paint en plein aire, painting in oils in a spontaneous and free manner. The challenge for me lies not so much in relaying photographic information, but in capturing the essence and spirit of a scene. By reducing the landscape and abstracting elements from it, I enable the viewer to make their own intimate of the image" - Ken Knight.

Art Work

Balmoral Beach 

Size: 130 x 133 cm


Sydney Harbour from

Georges Heights

Size: 103 x 165cm


Harden Waterhole

Size: 110 x 102 cm


Silica Beach -The Kimberleys

Size: 74 x 185 cm


Autumn Skies

Size: 130 x 133 cm


Ken Knight Biography

Born in 1956 in Sydney, Australia, Ken Knight is one of Australia's most admired landscape artists.

Ken says, "through the elimination and reduction of detail I can convey reality strongly and more robustly, without creating areas of unnecessary distraction which detract from the overall picture".

777 Military Road


Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2088

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