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"The Lovers" - Marc Chagall 1887 - 1985
Lithograph  38 h x 30 w

  Marc Chagall - The Lovers

Purchased Paris from Chagall's studio 1960s
from Private Collection POA

John Lovett Invitation Echoes john lovett Invitation Echoes

Tall Ships Joseph Frost Invitation Robyn Gosbell Velia Newman Invitation

Joseph Frost




Diana Watson Epicurian

DIANA WATSON - "Epicurian"

DIANA WATSON - Deep Purple 1 92x92

DIANA WATSON - "Deep Purple 1" 92x92cm

DIANA WATSON - Fairies Crown 84x107

DIANA WATSON - Fairies Crown 84x107cm

DIANA WATSON - Peonies  86x107

DIANA WATSON - "Peonies" 86x107cm

DIANA WATSON - Midsummer Night’sDream  107x137

DIANA WATSON - "Midsummer Night’s Dream" 107x137cm

LAST WEEKS WITH NEW WORK WoodenStapletonInvitation WoodenStapletonInvitation 199 'SPRING MARKET' 100 X 76CM. RES


507 Semminyak Market

WENDY WOODEN - "Semminyak Market"

565 'FLOWERS FROM UBUD' 85x85cm. res


Billabong Lilies, JS1735, 91x91cmfr, acrylic cvs

JAN STAPLETON - "Billabong Lilies"

Lotus Lilies Magenta&Violet, JS1747, 91x91cmfr, acrylic cvs

JAN STAPLETON - "Lotus Lilies Magenta and Violet"

Pilbara Dusk, JS1713, 56x121cm, stretched cvsunfr (2)

JAN STAPLETON - "Pilbara Dusk"

‘Painting Country- the Spirit of Landscape’ - Janis Stapleton Artist

I have a passion for landscape painting. I feel ‘enlivened and connected’ to the ‘energy and spirit’ of the places I paint. In some elusive way my spirit connects with that of that of the landscape. The paintings become more than what I physically ‘see’.

To the landscape I bring my own marks, my colours and my ‘energy’ and passion. The act of creation brings life to a painting and over the course of a series of related works momentum and insight carry me through the ‘hard labour’ of painting each day. The physical work of building up a surface, layering paint and marks and the ‘resolution phase’.

I have been fortunate in having been able to experience much of the vast and beautiful wilderness in this country- Kimberley, Pilbara, Cape York, Lake Eyre. For all these wonderful experiences and adventures I thank my late husband Des Rankin.

Much of my recent work has been the series of ‘billabong paintings’. Interesting on an esoteric level, both western and indigenous. Also very healing for myself. ‘Water’ in western culture has a very feminine and sacred aspect and the billabongs in northern Australia have great significance to the aboriginal people. Very spiritual and life giving.

I have been ever inspired by the great landscape artists of this country who have proceeded me and their struggle to relate their visual experience and inward perceptions of the landscape into a visual form. The beauty, lyricism and visual poetry of John Olsen. The calligraphic simplicity and marks of Fred Williams. The vibrance and passion for his subject in Arthur Boyd’s river landscapes.


NormanLindsay Figure Crouching Pencil Sketch. 46 h x 36 w cm

Norman Lindsay Figure "Crouching" Pencil Sketch. 46 h x 36 w cm

Pro Hart The Homestead

Pro Hart "The Homestead"

ProHartOil on board  21 h x 17 w cm

Pro Hart "Race Day" Oil on board 21 h x 17 w cm

Handmade in Balmoral - Candles and Diffusers only at Moulton Galleries

Balmoral Candles & Diffusers only at Moulton Galleries


Surgenor "Springtime"

Freda Surgenor - "Springtime Rousillon"

Ten dinghies Acrylic on stretched canvas  71x127cm

Freda Surgenor - "Ten Dinghies" - Acrylic on stretched canvas 71x127cm

Velia Newman

Velia Newman - "Balmoral" 122 cm high x 214 cm wide

Spectacular Sydney 122 cm high x 214 cm wide

Velia Newman - "Spectacular Sydney" 122 cm high x 214 cm wide

Greg Jarmaine Exhibition
Greg Jarmaine Exhibition

Mignon Parker Master Classes

Dawn Daly

Dawn Daly

Robyn Gosbell
Autumn in a Paris Park
Oil on stretched canvas - 150cm x 102cm

Autumn in a paris Park Oil on stretched canvas - 150cm x 102cm

Lucette and Judy DaLozzo, Julian Eather,
Catherine Fitzgerald and Scott Ireland

(link to invitation)

Lucette Dalozzo - "ainsi va la vie" - 40 x 40cm

Amalfi Coast      61 x 91

CatherineFitzgerald "Amalfi Coast" " 61 x 91

Judy Dalozzo - "still life in harmony" - 60 x 150cm

(link to invitation)

Morning teatime is acrylic on stretched  canvas  45x65cm

"Morning teatime" - Freda Surgenor
45x65cm acrylic on stretched canvas november change 75x100cm acrylic

"November Change" - Ted Lewis
75x100cm acrylic
Middle Harbour Rocks 76h x 102 cmw

"Middle Harbour Rocks" - Sue Fyfe
76h x 102 cmw

Neil Taylor and David Voigt
with Savanna Caravan Jewels
(link to invitation)
Shelley Beach Summer 61 x 61 cms Acrylic on canvasboard

"Shelley Beach Summer" 61 x 61 cms acrylic on canvasboard - Neil Taylor

The Empty Autumn Beach - Neil Taylor

"The Empty Autumn Beach" - Neil Taylor


"Littoral I" - Neil Taylor


"Littoral II" - Neil Taylor

Click for more Neil Taylor images

Beach Passage 100x80cm DAVID VOIGT

"Beach Passage" 100x80cm - DAVID VOIGT

Iceland Poppies - Dances in Winter (2) 45x45cm DAVID VOIGT

"Iceland Poppies - Dances in Winter (2)" 45x45cm - DAVID VOIGT

Sapphire Wind 89cmx140cm DAVID VOIGT

"Sapphire Wind" 89cmx140cm - DAVID VOIGT

Savanna Caravan Jewels

"Savanna Caravan Jewels"

Three strands of ancient green beads from Afghanistan, with a goldwash and silver Turkmenostan pendant bead, finished with hand dyed silk.

Savanna Caravan Jewels

"Savanna Caravan Jewels"

Three strands of Venetian and Bohemian trade beads mixed with Moroccan silver.

Savanna Caravan Jewels

"Savanna Caravan Jewels"

Collar made of hand loomed Thai silk, with hand carved Chinese jade pendant.

Catalogue for Savanna Caravan Jewels

Introducing Donald James Waters

Moulton Galleries are thrilled to annouce that we are the sole Sydney Gallery representing Australian artist Donald James Waters.

Using vibrant colours invoking a sense of movement and inspired by his surroundings and convictions, Donald's paintings are created with great thought and passion. 

Donald's works can be viewed at the Gallery, additional works currently exhibited in Perth may be viewed by clicking on the link
"Centre Stage" - Donald Waters

"Centre Stage" 1200cm x 1800cm

Donald James Waters_Serious Business sm

"Serious Business" sm

Past exhibition

VELIA NEWMAN and ANITA NEWMAN (link to invitation)

Velia Newman - Technicolour Dreams 102 x 102

Velia Newman - "Technicolour Dreams" 102 x 102

Velia Newman Tulip Celebration 92 x 92

Velia Newman - "Tulip Celebration" 92 x 92

Blue Striped Hat 94cm h x 63cmw (oil)  Anita Newman

"Blue Striped Hat" 94cm h x 63cmw (oil) - Anita Newman

Early Morning Lineup 122cm x 122cm Anita Newman

"Early Morning Lineup" 122cm x 122cm - Anita Newman

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